"a shutter is a device that allows light to pass for a determined period of time, for the purpose of exposing photographic film or a light-sensitive electronic sensor to light to capture a permanent image of a scene."
wikipedia on "shutter", July 14 2012

i like detail. creatively reproducting detail should however turn out to be tricky and quite a challenge. i really never could draw. i knew nothing about photography so i turned to the motion picture.
for many years i was fascinated by the idea of making movies. and i was lucky enough to having been surounded by great people who allowed me to get a glimps in the world of movie making.
but it is now time to take back a step and focus on that detail again, that moment. capture it!

it's all about detail. from the photos on this website to the actual website itself. i enjoy the creative process involved in the development of this project and every part of it.
the joy for detail does not finish at the creative content on or the creative process in developing photoshutter.net but starts right at the name of the website itself.
photoshutter is a play on words coming from photo (well, that's obvious I guess) and shutter (an essential part of a camera) but can also be read as photos (still obvious) and hutter, my last name.

photoshutter.net shall be my plattform to present some of my photographic work to the world. i hope you enjoy it.